Custom Branded Surfboards for Corporate Spaces

Elevate Your Brand with S-Lab's Unique Decorative Surfboards

Are you seeking a captivating way to enhance your brand presence and transform your corporate spaces? Look no further than S-Lab's custom promotional surfboards. Crafted on the stunning Gold Coast, we specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke surfboards that serve as eye-catching decor for a variety of commercial settings.

Captivating Brand Enhancement

Our expert team at S-Lab understands the undeniable power of a custom-built, branded surfboard. These distinctive pieces not only elevate your brand's visibility but also provide a captivating and memorable method to decorate and merchandise your commercial spaces.

Precision Craftsmanship

At S-Lab, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to performance and impeccable craftsmanship. Our surfboards are meticulously designed and flawlessly finished to perfection. Each board is tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring it harmonises seamlessly with your branding objectives.

Collaborative Design Process

Collaborate with our team of talented designers, who will skilfully bring your concepts and ideas to life through expert mock-ups. Our experienced shapers then transform these visions into reality. We're proud to have collaborated with renowned companies such as Taco Medic and White Claw, creating exceptional custom surfboards that stylishly showcase their brands.

Cutting-Edge Equipment and Local Sourcing

We utilise cutting-edge equipment, including the APS 3000 and AKU Shaper machines, for precise cutting of blanks. Our commitment to excellence extends to sourcing materials locally and supporting top-of-the-line suppliers, ensuring unparalleled quality in every surfboard we create.

Tailored Solutions for Your Brand

Let us design the ideal surfboard to fulfil your corporate needs. Whether you're searching for a captivating marketing tool, a distinctive corporate gift, or a remarkable addition to your commercial spaces, our team is ready to craft a bespoke solution exclusively for you. Imagine the impact of a branded surfboard in your office, building reception area, or commercial kitchen—an enduring and striking statement that outlasts traditional decor.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Elevate your brand with a custom decorative surfboard from S-Lab. Whether you desire a singular statement piece or a collection of boards to adorn multiple spaces, we invite you to connect with us. Contact our team today to initiate a discussion about your project and uncover the limitless potential of surfboard branding and decor.

Examples of Our Collaborations

At S-Lab, we take pride in collaborating with a diverse range of renowned brands, crafting custom surfboards that reflect their unique identities and enhance their brand presence. Here are a few standout examples of our successful partnerships:

Country Road: Coastal Elegance

Our collaboration with Country Road resulted in stunning promotional surfboards that epitomised coastal elegance. These bespoke surfboards featured captivating foam sprays on both the top and bottom, complemented by a glossy polish that showcased Country Road's signature summer-striped beach theme and premium finishes. These eye-catching installations became prominent features in window displays and concept stores across Australia, invoking a sense of coastal living and adventure. The surfboard designs perfectly encapsulated the brand's blend of sophistication and laid-back luxury, creating a visual journey that resonated with customers seeking fashion choices that reflect their carefree lifestyle.

TaylorMade: Fusion of Technology and Aesthetics

In partnership with TaylorMade, we seamlessly blended high-performance technology with stylish aesthetics. Our custom surfboards featured fabric inlays with intricate geometric patterns, mirroring the precision engineering that TaylorMade invests in their golf equipment. These exclusive surfboards became sought-after giveaways at golf tournaments, retail stores, and corporate events, attracting golf enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The collaboration not only bolstered TaylorMade's brand loyalty but also piqued the interest of golfers in search of innovative and visually appealing equipment that performs as well as it looks.

White Claw: Embracing Refreshment and Adventure

Our collaboration with White Claw embraced the brand's refreshing and adventurous spirit. The custom surfboards featured vibrant fabric inlays with crisp patterns, capturing the essence of White Claw's effervescent hard seltzers. These surfboards became integral to the brand's beachside parties and pop-up events, embodying the carefree spirit and fun-loving energy that White Claw represents. The activation effectively conveyed White Claw's unique brand identity, positioning it as the beverage of choice for beachgoers and party enthusiasts alike.

Taco Medic: Innovative Brand Integration

The collaboration with Taco Medic showcased the power of innovative design and branding integration. S-Lab created unique surfboards that ingeniously incorporated Taco Medic's branding elements. These surfboards served not only as eye-catching wall hangers but were also transformed into functional tables within the restaurant's interior. The fabric inlays and oversized branding graphics seamlessly blended with Taco Medic's laid-back vibe, enhancing brand recognition and reinforcing the restaurant's unique ambiance. The activation highlighted S-Lab's creative thinking and ability to create functional art pieces that elevate branding and atmosphere.

Hot Stuff: Preserving Heritage and Craftsmanship

Our collaboration with Hot Stuff Surfboards paid homage to the brand's heritage and craftsmanship. We meticulously recreated the exact replica of the surfboard ridden by Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew to win his World Title, preserving the legacy of Hot Stuff. The surfboard featured authentic foam spray and gradient detail, capturing the iconic design that accompanied Rabbit's victory. Limited edition replicas were showcased at surfing events and exhibitions, captivating surf enthusiasts who appreciated the history and artistry behind Hot Stuff. The collaboration evoked nostalgia and brand recognition, celebrating the enduring impact that Hot Stuff has had on surf culture.

Oasis Centre Broadbeach: Vibrant Marketing Piece

Our collaboration with Oasis Centre Broadbeach resulted in a distinctive marketing piece that seamlessly integrated surfboard aesthetics. The surfboard, featuring a fabric inlay with vibrant visuals, vividly represented the lively atmosphere of Broadbeach and the Oasis Centre. The eye-catching surfboard was prominently displayed within the centre's cabinet, acting as a focal point and entry point for a QR code scan competition. This activation generated excitement, increased foot traffic, and effectively positioned the Oasis Centre as a premier shopping and leisure destination in the heart of Broadbeach.