Blank supply

S-Lab stock AU made blanks which are Guaranteed High Quality Surfboard foam from some of Australia’s most trusted foam suppliers. From closed cell shortboard blanks through to to 9’8 log blanks


Machine cutting services are available on both APS 3000 & AKU shaping machines. S-Lab uses the latest CNC surfboard cutting hardware and design software for industry standard shaping. You can supply your own blank or alternatively we can supply for your cuts. S-lab is your one stop shop for foam supply and cutting services.


Have your own Cuts? Using our in-house shapers we can bring your cut surfboard shape to life by utilising the wealth of shaping knowledge without you even having to touch a foam block.


The S-lab can bring your coloured vision to life. Customising your board utilising colour opens a world of opportunity. We offer finer detailed work of simple pinlines, through to deck sprays, rail sprays & bottom sprays which bring your custom craft to life.


We can take care of one of the most crucial stages of board building. At S-Lab we process orders for single boards or multiple board orders at industry standard finishes to your spec.

Experience the complete surfboard building process with S-Lab's Production Services. As your one-stop shop, we offer a range of essential services to bring your surfboard vision to life. S-Lab stocks high-quality surfboard blanks sourced from trusted Australian foam suppliers, guaranteeing superior craftsmanship. Our state-of-the-art CNC surfboard cutting machines, including APS 3000 and AKU shaping machines, ensure industry-standard shaping with precision. You have the option to supply your own blank or rely on our supply, making S-Lab your go-to source for both foam supply and cutting services. Our expert in-house shapers possess a wealth of shaping knowledge and skill, enabling them to transform your cut surfboard shape into a work of art. Customise your board with our exceptional custom spray designs, which open up a world of colourful possibilities. From simple pinlines to detailed deck sprays, rail sprays, and bottom sprays, we bring your custom craft to life. Additionally, we provide professional glassing services, a crucial stage in board building, ensuring industry-standard finishes with epoxy resin and gloss coats. At S-Lab, we cater to both single and multiple board orders, delivering to your specifications. Trust us to make your surfboard building journey a seamless and rewarding experience from start to finish.

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