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Suitable For : Non-Surfer/Beginner to Intermediate

Board Size : 3 Hours

Duration : 7 - 8ft

The Cruiser experience is perfect for crafting a wall hanger mid-length or an alternative craft to perfect your highline! Your next board can be customised by yourself under the guidance of world class shapers.

Options of design in this class vary from middy through to MiniMal designs which cater to riders looking for stability, more float and less paddling to up their wave count 

Not only is this a completely unique experience, you will have the guidance of a world champion surfers and successful board builders to guide you through. 

Within your journey you will embark on the fundamentals of board design and learn the characteristics of what your dream surfboard can do from bottom contours and rail refinements with a complete hands on experience.

You will design your shape, utilising our 3d Software, add your design ideas and be guided by our world class shapers and world champions to create your dream surfboard, through through to the hand finishing process along with learning and understating the fundamentals of surfboard design and board refinement characteristics.

What you will Experience :

  • Design your board from initial concept stage with a world class surfboard designer utilising our 3D software. We will work with you and guide you through design and recommend options that would suite your style of surfing or for display.
  • You will be able to view your design through our 3D software program live on screen.
  • We will then embark on the CNC machine area, and you can view your board being cut into the shape you designed. The process will be explained by an experienced CNC operator.
  • Once the cut has been completed you will then head to our shaping room with a world class shaper and work alongside them with guidance resulting in your own custom-made board.
  • You will then be able to go through logo options for your board and fin systems.

Optional Extra: Carbon patches, Fin Plug additions, Coloured Surfboard (Prior to workshop) Black Stringers (Prior to workshop) Film/Photo Package, Ambassador Experience

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